Welcom to Otaru of an old...

An exotic,vibrant city with a rich shipping history.
A hotel in a prime location over looking Otaru Canal.
Our hotel is wrapped in a calmness that parfectly matches the nosatalgic feeling of Otaru.

Guest Rooms

Deluxe Rooms

Enjoy the view of the Otaru Canal from the privacy of your very own in-door cypress bath tub filled with natural hot spring water.

Deluxe Room A
Deluxe Room A

for 2 persons / 61㎡

Enjoy the enchanting night view of the Otaru Canal from the floor-to-ceiling glass windows while relaxing on the plush sofa.Recommended for couples.

Deluxe Room B
Deluxe Room B

for 2-6 persons / 69㎡

A spacious guest room combining the features of Japanese and Western inspired interiors. The Western style area features a living room and two beds, while the Japanese style area consists of a 13.25 square meter traditional tatami mat room.Recommended for families.

Standard Rooms

Twins (29 rooms),Japanese Style Twins, Our Japanese Style Rooms and Single Rooms are all unique with distinct variations in interior decor. Two types of twin rooms are available. Choose either canal view or city view.

  • 1.Twin room(Overlooking canal) for 2 persons
  • 2.Twin room(Overlooking down town) for 2 persons
  • 3.Japanese style twin room(Overlooking down town) for 2 persons
  • 4.Japanese room with Cypress Bath Tub(Overlooking down town) for 2-6 persons
  • 5.Japanese room (Overlooking down town) for 2-5 persons
  • 6.Japanese style Western-style room (Overlooking down town) for 2 persons
  • 7.Single room (Overlooking down town) for 1 persons

Each room equipped with Washlet automated toilet. ome rooms may not be reserved using the online reservation system.

Hot Springs

Melt away your fatigue and stress after a long trip in the hot spring bath.
The hotel offers a large communal hot spring bath Yukura featuring a garden view
as well as a scenic hot spring bath for private rental by small groups.

Yukura Communual Bath Hot Spring

Yukura Communual Bath Hot Spring

Featuring Ichinoyu modeled after the famous Otaru seaside warehouses and Ninoyu which emanates the warmth of natural wood, as two separate baths for men and women, with alternating service during the day and night time. Ichinoyu offers a panoramic view of the Japanese garden, which is especially spectacular during the winter time.

【Admission Fee】 Free
【Open】3:00pm to 12:00midnight / 6:00am to 10:00am

Rental Baths with View

Rental Baths with View

Have a relaxing bath with family or friends in our rental baths with a view. Both our cypress baths and our partial open-air baths are ideal, pleasant places to unwind. From the 8th top floor you can look out over the city of Otaru and treat yourself to a unique sense of liberation.

Charges 2,200 yen 50 minutes
Tax included. Reservations required.

Rejuvenation Lounge

Relax and slowly unwind in the comfort and warmth of the lounge.
Come and relax with a good book and good music in the Reading Corner after a long day of sightseeing.
Look out over the canal as you sip coffee and enjoy the strains of relaxing music.

6:00 am CD-Concert / Open 24 hours

  • Rejuvenation Lounge
  • Rejuvenation Lounge
  • Rejuvenation Lounge


All ingredients are locally produced.
The Otaru Furukawa offers original dishes for your dining pleasure.
Guests enjoy a Japanese breakfast and Western style all-you-can-eat dinner.
Please be advised dishes may not be exactly as shown.




From New Chitose Airport.
・90 minutes by car.
・13 minutes walk from JR Otaru Station Hakodate-Honsen.
・5 minutes by taxi.